ISPS-code and us

We have more than 35 years of experience with Military, law enforcement, private (forensic) investigations and specific education are the backbone of a developed concept which deals with internal and external threats that are potential harmful for continuing the regular operations of your company. 



Intellecture is specialized in important security and safety issues regarding the maritime, on and offshore environment ISPS-code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) and affiliated transport proceses.


We provide training courses and consultancy for a.o. company security officers and Port Facility Security Officers. Our knowledge and experience about (remote) sensing and data analysis can assist shipping industries to protect themselves against human and device intrusions like drones and ROV's. We represent Sens2sea, Black Sage to help customers detect and deter Drones with state of the art "Drone Shield" solutions.




PROMERC Counter Measure Manoeuvres


There are four counter measure manoeuvres identified in the PROMERC project against suspect vessels and pirates: Avoid being detected Step aside High speed escape Delay boarding The onboard Tactical more


Comparison between PROMERC / IPATCH Counter Piracy Measures


Accepting the directive of the European Commission, that encourages the collaboration between research projects funded in the same call, cooperation between PROMERC and IPATCH projects has been promoted. IPATCH (Intelligent... read more


Progress Workpackage ‘Development of Tools’


The objective of the PROMERC work package entitled ‘Development of tools’ is to create : a prototype software tool to provide dynamic situation sensitive advice and guidance to the bridge... read more


The first PROMERC Newsletter


The first PROMERC newsletter has been published. It appoints the following topics: Collaboration with IPATCH on joint database Layered defence Piracy and the monsoon season Incorporating PEESLE in decision making... read more


IMB Piracy & Armed Robbery Map


The Piracy & Armed Robbery Map below follows the definition of Piracy as laid down in Article 101 of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and Armed Robbery as laid down in Resolution A.1025 (26) adopted on 2 December 2009 at the 26th Assembly Session of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).


This map shows all the piracy and armed robbery incidents reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre. If exact coordinates are not provided, estimated positions are shown based on information provided. Zoom-in and click on the pointers to view more information of an individual attack. Pointers may be superimposed on each other. Klik on the link to go to the map: