A few of our most current projects:

  • sea-surface radar system a.o. capable of detecting smal objects on the surface;
  • a safety awareness concept for the BRZO industry;
  • development of a thermal and optical overlay module to enhance night vision;
  • making a platform and mobile application for manuals and checklists;
  • water and land crafts that run on alternative power sources;
  • mobile desalination/purification systems;
  • several concepts to monitor and enhance human performance and stamina;
  • mobile sensor containers to autonomously detect hazards and threats;
  • fire retardant cabinets/cases for LIon battery charging, storage and transport;
  • monitoring and tracking concept for sensitive materials;
  • using a head-up display for divers and firemen;
  • using a tethered drone to detect threats in maritime and offshore environments;
  • using visual sensors as a navigation tool to compare with GPS data;
  • upgrading redundant rolling material to be used remotely and/or autonomously;
  • making NVD suitable to be used in combination with tactical distraction devices;
  • developing and advising protocols with the government for certification of private armed guards sailing on Dutch flagged ships;