Remote Monitoring Services (RMS)

Intellecture masters a wide variety of IOT proceses, from remote sensing to remote control or a combination of both. 

Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC)

Remote monitoring and control

RMC systems are designed to control and monitor devices/ sites, with some degree of automation.

RMC systems may receive data from sensors, telemetry streams, user inputs, and pre-programmed procedures.

The software may send telecommands to actuators, computer systems, or other devices.

By using wired or wireless technology, this information is shared via a network (VPN) over the internet.

This technology is also known as "The Internet Of Things” or IOT.

Remote sensing

Using optical, thermal, air, sound, movement, gas and humidity sensors, combined with state of the art analytics software, we can simply provide real-time information on every PC and mobile device with a working web interface at any location in the World. 

Remote control

Intellecture developed a concept around acces control and monitoring using a simple mobile phone called “SIM-KEY”. Together with an electronic lock, from a renowned lock manufacturer, we are able to give you total control, including time-slot management, on acces to your precious objects.

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