Sim-Key, acces and management through the mobile network.

Granting access and registration is a lot easier and safer by using Sim-Key. The applied, motorized lock will be, "over the air", programmed with the telephone number and the, if necessary, residence time of current and future users. 


The user does on arrival not to get handed the keys, which avoids unnecessary waiting time and travel time. The lock can also be open called, directly, from anywhere in the world, by an administrator. Besides, employees can access within certain time to the assigned doors. Sim Key works both ways, so you can inform about battery voltage, open/closed, temperature, etc. 



No internet required

Sim Key works with any mobile phone from the cherished Nokia 6310 to the most advanced smartphone. Fuss with an app and mobile Internet has become the past by our solution. Thanks to our smart software solution, there are no extra costs for calling in, for example Abroad. There is access via mobile phone. The number of the mobile phone is recognized as an authorized phone / key, while calling for the control number.(no costs) .Because of this, only those with authorized  phone numbers have acces. You retain as full control over who has access.

Application examples

Home care (outpatient care)

Sim-Key is ideal for use in home care. It makes the key safe superfluous and on the outside of the house it is not visible that care is provided.  Sim-Key meets all the requirements and standards in home care. It is also important the resident and his family can enter the house with a regular key. Sim-Key meets all the requirements and standards in home care. The caregiver can access via their mobile phone, this prevents them from walking around with keys of residents, to the risk of loss or abuse. Naturally, the caregiver can only access with permission of the occupant. Because common keys are used, they may be generated by the occupant himself. There are no code cards or electronic keys required. The management platform controls access to planned and unplanned care, so can in case of emergencies, such as the doctor and the paramedics, get one-time or temporary access to the house. Sim-Key utilizes a open protocol and is therefore applicable within all the care alert systems and operates in combination with both older mobile phones and smartphones.

Monitoring and alarm monitoring

Alarm follow requires a good and comprehensive key management. In many cases, only a few keys are issued to the security service, while several cars are available for alarm response. Sim-Key offers the possibility to grant access to every available security guard to the property via their mobile phone. The travel time can thus improve,  the expensive key box become obsolete and the security service does not need to drive around with multiple keys.


Granting access to residences, hotels and B & Bs will be a lot easier by using Sim-Key. In advance the lock is programmed with the telephone number and the residence time of future visitors, the visitor does on arrival not to get handed the key. Besides employees can get access within a certain time until the assigned doors. The system works with any mobile phone of the simplest mobile phone to the most advanced smartphone. Messing around with an app and using mobile Internet has therefore become the past. Extra costs for calling in, for example abroad are not due to our smart software solution. This allows visitors not to forget or lose   mechanical keys and you have total control over access. We can, if desired, make a connection with your booking system such that his process can occur independently. Please ask for the possibilities.


For added comfort, Sim-Key can be used in residences, so the door can be opened with the own mobile phone. In addition, the door is always open with the usual key. It may, temporarily or at specific times, to allow others to access the property via their mobile phone. This prevents issuing keys for example, delivery services and home help. If desired, the door may also be opened at a distance.


 Access to the workplace without keys but via own mobile phone

Staff gets secure access via the staff entrance after applying our Sim-Key solution. Key management is simpler and more reliable because access is granted via their mobile phone and authorization is easily adaptable remotely. For anyone who can not or does not want this, the use of the common key is still possible